About InHouse Physicians

Dr. Jonathan Spero, M.D. founded InHouse Physicians in 1992, with the strategic goal of promoting the health and wellness of employees around the globe. Over the past 20 years, InHouse Physicians’ services have been utilized by our clients to promote the health and well being of their employees and their families around the world.

All of InHouse Physicians services are physician/provider centric, evidence based, and customer service focused. InHouse Physicians provides our clients with measurable outcomes and solid return on investment strategies throughout our portfolio of offerings.

InHouse Physicians brings decades of experience through our highly qualified network of hospitals, clinics, physicians, nurses and paramedics worldwide. Through our strong and diverse partnerships, we can guarantee global presence with personal care.


Our Vision For Employee Health

InHouse Physicians aims to deliver superior patient outcomes that matter most to patients while at the same time realizing lower healthcare costs for employers and employees. This is a value based solution. We believe a worksite clinic offering integrative medicine and best in class cost containment services is the ideal model to achieve this vision.


Actual IHP Case Study:
A self-insured manufacturer with 1900 employees and $160 million in annual revenue was experiencing annual healthcare cost increases of 9% annually over a 5 year period. By using IHP’s Worksite Health initiative, the employer recorded a net savings of over $1,200,000 annually in hard claims dollars and a 22% decrease in total healthcare spent.

Today’s worksite health clinics offer employers the ability to not only contain employee healthcare costs but also deliver an effective retention and recruitment tool that promotes employee productivity. While employees benefit from a higher quality of care, less time away from work, and reduced out of pocket medical expenses, employers consistently point to healthcare cost containment as the #1 reason to implement a worksite health clinic. Because an employer’s primary reason for launching an onsite clinic is cost containment, measuring return on investment is critical to gauging the success of the program.


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