Give your clients what they deserve – higher quality employee healthcare at a lower cost.

InHouse Physicians believes we add significant value with our broker and consultant partners. By listening to our partners, we together can craft a healthcare cost containment solution that is uniquely designed for our partners’ clients. And when we implement the solution, InHouse Physicians provides the level of care and attention to YOUR clients that YOU would give them.

By integrating our onsite and shared clinic solution into their broader benefits strategy, your clients benefit from the only real solution to healthcare cost containment – namely value based healthcare. Through value-based healthcare, your clients can see meaningful reductions in healthcare claims, improved quality of care, enhanced employee health, a more productive workforce, and off-the-chart positive employee feedback that bolsters recruitment and retention efforts.


We achieve these results by being much more than your typical worksite clinic vendor.

In addition to your standard suite of services, InHouse Physicians imbeds price and quality transparency tools, patient advocacy, narrow networks of high performance providers, centers of excellence, and bundled case rates for episodes of care.

As their broker and consultant, InHouse Physicians also provides you access to visibility tools that allow you to share with your client real-time information on population health, healthcare spending, engagement rates, and even cost predictions that will assist you and your client in creating a future health plan budget.

In summary, InHouse Physicians goal is to see our partners succeed by giving them worksite health solutions that deliver short term, tangible, positive results to their clients while at the same time offering our partners tools to allow them to better manage, control, and report on healthcare data elements that matter most to their clients.