Today’s employers and their human resource teams are facing an increasingly competitive landscape when it comes to employee recruitment and retention.

With younger employees becoming more comfortable jumping from job to job, turnover rates are projected to increase annually, making it more important than ever for human resource executives to develop benefits packages that include robust non-salary compensation and perks. But while adding these benefits is an effective way to enhance recruitment and boost retention, it can also cut into a company’s bottom line, particularly when it comes to the cost of employee health plans, which have been rising steadily for the last several years.



At InHouse Physicians, our clients are committed to recruiting and retaining top level talent while also containing employee healthcare costs. They recognize that any employee health solution for their organization must do both.  That is exactly why they come to us. InHouse Physicians offers our clients a worksite health solution that not only consistently becomes one of the top valued benefits for their employees, but also offers a set of sophisticated cost containment tools that delivers measurable outcomes and a solid return on investment.