Founded in 1992, InHouse Physicians’ first set of employee health services were focused on the delivery of concierge travel medicine.

Dr. Spero and a group of his physician colleagues began providing temporary medical clinics for Fortune 1000 meetings and events around the globe. Whether it was a global Apple Computer meeting in Las Vegas, a Toyota incentive in Thailand, or Visa’s sponsorship of Summer Olympics in Beijing, InHouse Physicians provided U.S. standards of medical care for our clients’ executives and employees.


Leadership in Worksite Health

Having proven that it could provide medical support for employees in the most challenging environments, in 2004 InHouse Physicians turned its attention to a much larger task – ensuring the health and well being of employees year round. In just a few short years, InHouse Physicians became a leader in the delivery of innovative worksite healthcare solutions that assist corporations in reducing healthcare claims through the implementation of cost effective healthcare delivery systems and the promotion of improved employee health.

With this new focus and expanded set of capabilities, InHouse Physicians broadened its client base to include not only the largest employers, but also midsize and small employers. As we have grown through the years, we have never lost sight of what has made us so successful – our commitment to patient satisfaction and improving the health of our patients.