Patient Engagement Program

IHP provides our clients with a comprehensive patient engagement program that drives utilization of the health center and all of its cost containment services. The program components include a dedicated marketing specialist, an opt in outreach program to high risk patients, patient advocacy services to assist patients in navigating the healthcare system, and an assortment of wellness services to engage patients in ways that best meet their personal needs.


Superior Cost Containment Strategy

Saving our clients hard claims dollars is a science at InHouse Physicians. Our clinical team systematically and reproducibly contains employee healthcare costs by maximizing value for patients. This involves the delivery of population health management, narrow referral networks of high performance providers, price & quality transparency, patient advocacy, and negotiated agreements with centers of excellence.


Higher Quality of Care

Though cost containment is a primary goal of our clients, improved employee health is often the top priority for both the employees and the employer. Through our commitment to value based care, InHouse Physicians does not only deliver the highest quality of urgent and primary care in the health center, but also directs specialty care outside of the clinic to providers that have demonstrated an ability to deliver superior patient outcomes at a lower cost.