Instituting a Worksite Health Clinic Can Be a Smart Investment

Grand Opening Sloan

InHouse Physicians helps Sloan Valve Company launch the Sloan Family Health Center in Franklin Park, Illinois. Sloan later received the Healthcare Consumerism Superstar Award for wellness initiatives that educated employees on preventative care, reducing healthcare risks and teaching employees how to become more cost effective health care consumers.

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A well designed worksite health clinic can help employers reduce healthcare spending in several ways incuding:

  • The availability of primary care providers, population health management, and preventative services reduces chronic disease costs, hospitalizations, and specialist referrals.
  • An emphasis on generic drug prescribing, medication compliance, risk factor reversal and the use of efficient specialists all result in decreased cost, as does evidence-based treatment of chronic disease.

If done correctly, worksite health clinics become part of a seamless, integrated system that harnesses the power of data to make the most efficient and effective use of healthcare resources. This improves the quality of care for employees, optimizes the management of employers’ healthcare costs, and improves employee productivity.


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