InHouse Physicians Launches Worksite Health Center for Elbit Systems of America

InHouse Physicians Launches Worksite Health Center for Elbit Systems of America

ST. CHARLES, ILInHouse Physicians, S.C. (IHP) has announced the launch of a worksite health clinic for Elbit Systems of America in Fort Worth, Texas. IHP, a global provider of value-based health solutions, partnered with Elbit to provide a professional medical team to staff and run the onsite clinic.

Elbit worked with Lockton to select their medical staffing company, one deemed able to provide quality, convenient, medical care to their population. Jonathan Spero, Chief Executive Officer of IHP states, “[We are] honored to have been chosen as the work site clinic vendor for Elbit’s headquarters in Forth Worth, Texas.”

The Elbit worksite health clinic was established to not only be used as a method of containing costs, but to also serve as a retention and recruitment tool. Currently available to Elbit’s employees is one mid-level practitioner three days each week, providing acute, primary and wellness care.

Says Spero, “The IHP clinic staff’s primary goal in year one is to drive engagement through our comprehensive set of tools including marketing communication strategy, wellness services, and outreach program. By building a trusting relationship with the employees, IHP’s clinic staff can begin improving the quality of care and associated patient outcomes.” The Elbit clinic provides acute care, primary care, and wellness services. Elbit’s partnership with IHP centers around the flexibility to eventually grow the clinic to a full suite of cost containment solutions.

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Jonathan Spero

Dr. Spero is the CEO of InHouse Physicians and a thought leader in the area of cost containment solutions for self-insured employers. Dr. Spero graduated medical school from the University of California, Davis. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine from Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego and has practiced both internal and emergency medicine. Dr. Spero is an expert speaker on employee health care cost containment strategies, energy and performance, as well as medical risk management for corporate meetings and events. Dr. Spero resides in Chicago, Illinois.

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