Onsite Emergency Medical Clinic

For meetings, events or other domestic and international offsite activities, InHouse Physicians ensures your company, employees and guests have access to onsite medical representation that is equivalent to a U.S. standard of care.

InHouse Physician’s on-site medical personnel consist of board certified or board equivalent qualified physicians, nurses and paramedics dedicated to your group 24 hours a day.

The around-the-clock presence guarantees that your attendees will receive the appropriate care when they need it while at the same time mitigating the risks associated with delayed or substandard care.

All of our medical support services are based in an on-site clinic – usually at the hotel or convention center. The clinic increases the capabilities of the onsite physicians and allows for quick response to life-threatening emergencies. InHouse Physicians develops an emergency room setting at the meeting venue complete with ER and ambulance equipment including a Cardiac Defibrillator, sutures, IV fluids, splints and cardiac medications just to name a few.

Use onsite medical care to turn liability into opportunity by promoting corporate wellness, employee satisfaction and company cost savings at all your company events.

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On-Site Medical Clinic Features

On-Site Physician Program

ihp-onsite-physician-programProvides dedicated immediate care 24 hours a day seven days a week at your meeting site for all your attendees. Each attending physician is U.S. board certified in emergency medicine and prepared to treat all types of attendee-related illnesses from the simplest such as forgotten medication to the most complex including heart attacks. Over 90% of our physicians are medical professors at university hospitals. In addition, IHP guarantees that the physician is experienced and sensitive to the special needs of traveling executives, providing the ultimate in personal care.

Mobile Pharmacy-Prescription Delivery

Mobile Pharmacy-Prescription DeliveryOffers a wide range of frequently prescribed U.S. medicines 24 hours a day seven days a week to a meeting attendee. Medications stocked by IHP’s mobile pharmacy-prescription delivery service cover over 95% of attendee illnesses and guarantee the availability and safety of U.S. medicines abroad.


On-Call Medical Specialists and Hospitals

On-Call Medical Specialists and HospitalsAvailable to deliver VIP treatment should a meeting attendee need care outside of the hotel. IHP’s global network of credentialed and qualified physician specialty groups is available 24 hours a day seven days a week for your group. This specialized team of physicians has admitting privileges at international hospitals and is all English-speaking.

Turn Liability into an Opportunity

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