Our Worksite Health Centers Reduce Employer Healthcare Costs, Drive Employee Productivity, and Enhance Your Employee Retention and Recruitment Efforts.

“Our Clinic Is A Dream”

Our worksite clinics offer advanced care from our licensed and knowledgeable staff who get their patients engaged in their own health. Our wellness programs are developed here at InHouse Physicians to inspire patients to make good lifestyle changes that eventually become life-long habits, allowing employees to lead happier, healthier lives. Your employees are able to do all of this without ever leaving the workplace!

An employer’s primary reason for launching an onsite clinic is cost containment. InHouse Physicians’ worksite health solution delivers a robust cost containment solution for our clients that can be divided short, mid, and long-term ROI’s. Read on below for an overview of our Worksite Clinic services and be sure to check out our case study to see how one company was able to save approximately 22% on their healthcare costs.

Employee Wellness Programs help reduce healthcare costs and encourage employees to make healthier lifestyle choices. Learn more at www.inhousephysicians.com

Onsite Clinics Empower Patients To Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

A healthier lifestyle also means less sick days for your employees. When employees have to miss work to visit the doctor, employers lose money. Even a simple check-up can cause an employee to be out of the office for half of their workday. Not only are the employees missing work, but employers are paying more for insurance claims. More and more employers are turning to on-site clinics to solve this issue. When a patient visits the on-site clinic, they avoid medical claims that would have otherwise occurred due to visits to their primary care physician or to the emergency room.


InHouse Physicians’ Worksite Health Centers Provide Reliable and Low-cost Healthcare Services to Your Employees.

Our worksite health centers bring:

  • Pharmacy Services
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Biometric Screenings
  • Travel Medicine
  • Reduced employer healthcare costs
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Enhanced employee retention and recruitment efforts
  • Price Transparency and Patient Advocacy
  • Laboratory Services
Targeted Wellness Programs by InHouse Physicians

Targeted Wellness Programs

About 80% of healthcare costs are spent on caring for 10% of plan participants. When you can identify the 10% and set up specific programs that benefit them, you achieve better outcomes for the patients as well as substantial savings for the client. InHouse Physicians has developed multiple wellness programs to aid employees with getting on the right track while also increasing utilization of the clinics:

  • Weight Management
  • Nutrition/Dietary Counseling
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Pain Management

Is an On-Site Clinic Right for Your Company?

Until recently, workplace health centers’ high start-up and monthly costs were only affordable to large employer sites. InHouse Physicians has successfully designed a flexible workplace healthcare business model that allows sites with as few as 250 employees to realize a positive ROI.