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Start Realizing An Immediate Reduction In Healthcare Claims With IHP’s TeleClinic Solution

Worksite health clinics have grown in popularity over the past decade as employers are becoming increasingly focused on healthcare cost containment. With the recent advancements in information technologies and the rapid adoption of telemedicine by employers, there now exists an enormous opportunity to leverage advanced telemedicine capabilities to deliver all the benefits of a worksite clinic at a fraction of the current cost.

You Can Save Costs & Improve Patient Outcomes With Telemedicine?

Yes! The InHouse Physicians’ TeleClinic does just this with our innovative, cost effective worksite telemedicine solution.  Designed for both mega and smaller employer sites, the IHP TeleClinic  offers most of the capabilities of the traditional IHP worksite clinic including ambulatory care, primary care, preventative care, wellness services, population health management, disease management, patient advocacy, and referrals to value based community specialists. The  TeleClinic medical staff and equipment consists of:

Benefits to Employers & Employees

telemedicine equipment through InHouse Physicians' TeleClinic Solution

Year Round Cost Containment Services

At a fraction of the cost of a traditional worksite clinic, the Teleclinic can offer employees  an advanced telemedicine visit with an IHP primary care physician or specialist. In addition, the on-site nurse also facilitates the delivery of year round wellness solutions, population health management, and much more.


Advanced Telemedicine Visits

When an employee arrives for their scheduled medical appointment, the on-site nurse electronically records the history of present illness and vital signs and shares them securely with an IHP  remote physician.  As in a traditional medical office, the next step is for the provider to evaluate the patient – and this is exactly what happens in an IHP TeleClinic.

The TeleClinic Difference

The difference with the TeleClinic is that the patient visit with the provider occurs remotely via an advanced telemedicine solution. The on-site nurse initiates a telemedicine visit, whereby, both the patient and the remote provider can see each other via 2-way video on the computer screen.

What happens next is far superior to the standard employee telemedicine solution. The on-site nurse administers a physical exam with the assistance of an advanced, two-way video and audio system including specialized medical instrumentation.


The TeleCart system allows the remote provider to have “eyes” and “ears” into the clinic whereby they can listen to lung and heart sounds and visualize body parts such as the ear, throat, and skin with high acuity. EKG and other clinical readings can also be transmitted in real-time.

Specialty Physician Visits

The TELECLINIC patient visit is not just for urgent care or primary care visits. Employees can also benefit from receiving  advanced telemedicine consults from one of IHP’s value based physician specialists. Now an employee does not have to leave the workplace for a cardiology, ENT, or dermatology specialty consult.

This solution delivers a comprehensive worksite clinic for only a fraction of the cost of a traditional worksite clinic, thereby, not only improving the ROI of the clinic solution, but also lowering the financial obstacles that have kept some employers from adopting this solution.

Additional TeleClinic Advantages

teleclinic advantages

Minimal Set Up Fees

teleclinic advantages

40% – 70% Lower Monthly Service Fee

teleclinic advantages

Minimal Space Requirement

teleclinic advantages

No Build Out Cost