Medical Support at Meetings in 2022

December 16, 2021

Medical Support at Meetings in 2022

In a pandemic environment, meetings inherently pose a health security risk. Therefore, it is critical that meeting professionals manage this risk with a strong Health Security Plan for all of their programs to ensure the well-being of attendees and the business continuity of the event.

However, a meeting professional’s Medical Duty of Care goes beyond protecting attendees from a COVID infection. The health security plan also needs to include contingencies for non-COVID related illnesses and injuries. Relying on local hospitals and emergency services to provide coverage at your event leaves too much to “chance.” EMS response times for medical emergencies at the hotel or venue are not always adequate and can lead to poor outcomes. And for more minor, non-life-threatening conditions, a trip to the local ER is unnecessary, time-consuming, and costly.

With 30 years of experience in providing medical support for meetings, we have determined that over 5% of the group is ill or injured at any given time and rarely seeks out medical attention because it is too inconvenient and uncomfortable for the attendee. As such, InHouse Physicians, since 1992, has dedicated an entire division of our company to ensuring the health and well-being of attendees at meetings around the world. Dr. Richard Arriviello, our Chief Medical Officer, has overseen this care by delivering high quality, state-of-the-art medical services to 5,500+ meetings and 1,000,000+ attendees over the past 30 years.

He has directed on-site projects at major events, like the Olympics in South Korea and Japan, and at FIFA World Cups in Europe and South America. “The level of care provided is first and foremost based on the quality of staff that we have. We have board-certified Emergency Medicine physicians, as well paramedics well versed in identifying emergency medical conditions,” says Dr. Arriviello. 

“Our supplies allow our providers to do what they do best; identify, evaluate, and treat urgent / emergent conditions promptly. Personally, I have seen everything from pregnancy complications to heart attacks” he adds. Dr. Arriviello and the entire team of medical professionals at iHP specialize in on-the-spot critical diagnoses that have been lifesaving.

One such instance involved an attendee who broke their neck, and within minutes Dr. Arriviello was on the scene, knowing that that the fracture could have resulted in quadriplegia (paralysis of arms and legs) if not identified quickly. IHP’s connection with local hospitals allowed the attendee to have a seamless transition to emergency room care where one of InHouse Physicians’ specialists on call could properly address the cervical fracture and arrange for the patient to return home via medical ambulance.

Other common conditions treated on-site include allergic reactions to food, asthma attacks, broken ankles, back strain, insomnia, strep throat, flu, COVID, food poisoning, pulmonary embolism, bronchitis, pneumonia, rashes and migraine headaches.

On-site medical support is a Meeting Professional’s best friend. It can offer planners the peace of mind that attendees will have the best possible care from top medical staff, just seconds away. That’s why hundreds of meeting professionals have relied on InHouse Physicians’ trusted staff to guarantee high quality, convenient medical and wellness care around the world for their attendees.

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