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Ancillary Care Services

Improve Quality Of Care With IHP’s Ancillary Services



Ancillary care is a term used to encompass other providers and services a patient can utilize to better their health including:

  • Diagnostic: laboratory tests, radiology, genetic testing, diagnostic imaging
  • Therapeutic: rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy, massage, chiropractic services, speech therapy 
  • Custodial: hospice care, long-term acute care, nursing facilities, urgent care


A Community-Driven Solution That Seamlessly Integrates Into An Overall Worksite Health Strategy

InHouse Physicians targets your highest cost drivers and works within your community to identify cost driven solutions. Our unique strategy has been proven to improve outcomes and lower costs. InHouse Physicians provides reporting on improvements in quality of care and cost savings as part of our reporting structure to ensure your populations needs are met.

Typically for therapeutic services like chiropractic or physical therapy, we contract high quality providers in the area to promote community engagement.