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Biometric Health Screenings

What is a Biometric Screening?


A Biometric Screening is a short health exam that provides information about the risk for certain diseases and medical conditions. The specific tests that are available include blood pressure, fasting blood sugar, fasting lipid panel, HbA1C, bone density, skin cancer screening, and a variety of cancer markers. A short fast is usually required before the screening to get the most accurate readings. Knowing the results helps employees make healthier decisions and gets them on the right path to wellness.


A Simple, Convenient Method For Identifying Health Risk Factors

InHouse Physician’s biometric testing offers your employees access to clinical tests that evaluates a person’s risk for the most common medical conditions. These medical conditions are responsible for a majority of employee medical costs and include heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. Attendees are provided with a list of recommendations based on nationally recognized guidelines and have access to our web-based physician consultation services.

Most health risk assessment programs rely only on self-reported laboratory data to create an employee health risk profile. However, self-reported health data is often inaccurate and can lead to faulty risk assessments and misdirected action plans for employees. IHP addresses this issue by offering cost effective, biometric screenings that can be performed as part of the health risk assessment. IHP’s clients benefit from a more accurate health risk analysis of their employees leading to the design of more effective action plans to positively modify employee health risks and control associated employer healthcare costs.

Wellness objectives are based on not only lifestyle modifications around nutrition, fitness and stress management, but also on compliance with evidence-based guidelines and closing gaps in care. Lifestyle modifications are measured by ongoing health coaching appointments and recommended wellness programs such as weight management, smoking cessation and diabetes prevention.


See The IHP Difference

InHouse Physicians further differentiates itself from other vendors by fostering meaningful communication between our board certified physician specialists and the employee’s personal physician. Our physicians share all of the biometric test results with the employee’s primary care physician. This dramatically increases the likelihood that the results of the testing will lead to a positive shift in the employee’s quality of medical care, well-being,  and health risks.