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Brain Health @ Meetings

Optimizing the Attendee Experience 

Attendees come to the meeting with suboptimal mindset. 71% would rather be somewhere else and 66% are suffering from burnout. A suboptimal attendee mindset leads to lower engagement, decreased learning, impaired collaboration, and lack of innovation - everything needed for a successful program.

  • Health Starts in the Brain: Our Brain Health Series addresses the challenge planners face in engaging attendees and creating meaningful and memorable experiences at their programs.
  • The Flow State: The latest neuroscience research has proven that engagement, productivity, and innovation is dependent on your state of mind. The state of mind most closely correlated with optimal performance is called the “Flow State” or “Flow” for short.
  • Achieving Flow: Our Brain Health Series incorporates Mindfulness, Visualization, and Recovery strategies into your meetings to move your attendees closer to the Flow State.




Brain Health Series

Attendees are looking for meaningful, growth experiences. Planners have a unique opportunity to satisfy this demand and improve the bottom line for the organization by enhancing the attendees’ mindset. Our Brain Health program does just that.

  • Wellness Kit: At registration we offer every attendee a small wellness and mindfulness package to enhance their experience at the program.
  • Communications and Content: From guided meditations to gratitude moments to simple visualizations we offer a library of brief, powerful audio and video exercises that can be pushed out via the meeting app.
  • Brain Foods: Our mindful nutrition team offers you a menu of very tasty brain foods that will provide the fuel needed for peak performance.
  • R-Lounge: A retreat for attendees to experience neuroscience elements designed to rejuvenate their bodies and minds.