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Copy of -Worksite Healthcare-

The Power of Engagement 

It all starts with patient engagement. The best worksite clinic model is a failure without strong patient engagement. That is why we invest so much in driving clinic utilization. Our four pronged strategy includes a robust marketing communication plan, population health patient outreach,  incentive program, and lead generation through our wellness services.

Managing Chronic Disease

A majority of our clients' healthcare costs are incurred through spending on chronic diseases. That is why the bulk of our efforts are devoted to improving the quality of disease management care. We do this by heavily targeting this patient group through population health management and  continuously improving compliance measures of evidenced based guidelines.

Concierge Medicine Approach

 InHouse Physicians benefits from a 30 year history of delivering concierge medicine. Our corporate culture's foundation is imbedded in going beyond what is expected by delivering the unexpected in customer service for our clients' patients. This is reflected in our patient satisfaction scores which average over 97% across our business lines.

Superior Cost Savings Model

Ultimately, all of our clients expect InHouse Physicians to curb the increases in healthcare claims for their members. Our data analytics allows us to measure this cost savings year over year. By comparing clinic users' vs. non clinic users' healthcare claims with similar risk profiles, we have consistently been able to demonstrate double digit cost savings for our clients. 


Onsite Clinic Services