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Value-Based Referral Network

Leveraging Local Providers At Lower Costs To Clients



IHP’s worksite clinics provide many Primary Care Services to employees such as the treatment of allergies, the common cold, blood pressure monitoring and diabetes management. Although there are a wide range of services our clinicians can provide, sometimes a specialist is needed.

IHP’s worksite clinics align themselves with value based, high-performing local medical providers that have demonstrated their ability to deliver superior patient outcomes at a lower cost to our clients’ members. IHP identifies these providers by running our clients’ claims data through our medical management software and integrating this data with our price transparency tool. IHP then enters into agreements with these high performance providers.

The benefits include:

  • Narrow network of value-based community providers driving superior clinical outcomes
  • Dramatically decreased costs for chronic disease care
  • Easy transition for our client’s members from our clinicians to the local provider
  • Open two-way communication and document sharing between clinicians and outside providers for more efficient results