A New Approach to Worksite Clinics

Integrative Healthcare by InHouse Physicians

Founded in 1992, InHouse Physicians is a global provider of integrative medicine and employee health solutions for corporations. Our worksite medical clinics transform the delivery of medical care to employees and dependents via a value based healthcare platform. This transformation delivers significant healthcare cost savings for employers and while at the same time improving patient outcomes for employees and dependents that matter most to patients. Our integrative patient centered medical home health clinics offer employees both traditional and complementary holistic medicine that addresses all of the patients medical and psychosocial needs.

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Worksite Health Centers

InHouse Physicians’ workplace health clinic services can add value to your organization by reducing employer healthcare costs, driving employee productivity, and enhancing your employee retention and recruitment efforts.

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TeleClinic Solutions

Designed for both mega and smaller employer sites, the IHP TeleClinic offers most of the capabilities of the traditional IHP worksite clinic for a fraction of the cost. Discover the opportunities to leverage this innovative technology!

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Medical Support For Meetings

For meetings, events or other domestic and international offsite activities, InHouse Physicians ensures your company, employees and guests have access to onsite medical representation that is equivalent to a U.S. standard of care.

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Why is InHouse Physicians a leader in the next generation of worksite medical clinics?

Our cost containment strategy goes well beyond the traditional acute care, primary care, and occupational medicine services delivering a much greater ROI for our employers as compared to benchmark data. The InHouse Physicians’ strategy includes population health management, patient centered medical home, integrative medicine, direct contracting with local value based specialty providers, price and quality transparency tools, patient advocacy, specialty pharmacy procurement program, and negotiated rates with centers of excellence nationwide.

No wonder so many employers are now choosing InHouse Physicians as their worksite medical clinic of choice!

Average savings for our employer clients from InHouse Physicians’ first year of worksite clinic operations is over $400,000

Grand Opening Sloan

InHouse Physicians helps Sloan Valve Company launch the Sloan Family Health Center in Franklin Park, Illinois. Read more.

InHouse Physicians’ worksite health clinics deliver a significantly greater value proposition for employers as compared to the competition.

Onsite Support for Meetings


Take advantage of IHP’s global network of health care professionals for your corporate events!

According to MPI, contingency planning for medical emergencies at events is the responsibility of the meeting professional. However, most meeting professionals rely on the local venue and 911 to address this responsibility. Is this a good idea? Motorola, Visa, McDonald’s, Merck, Abbott, Mass Mutual, Lexus, Panasonic, SAP, and many other corporations don’t think so and have engaged InHouse Physicians (IHP) to provide supplemental medical support at their key programs for the past 25 years.

It turns out that most hotels are ill equipped to adequately respond to medical situations at their facilities. These hotels do not have defibrillators on site, nor are first responders trained and equipped to do much more than first aid. In addition, if actual medical care is required, attendees are usually sent to an ER with wait times often in excess of 6 hours.

IHP’s clients typically engage an on-site emergency medicine physician 24 hours a day to take care of everything from sore throat to a heart attack. The doctor is equipped with a mini emergency room and pharmacy usually housed in a small meeting room or hotel suite. In addition to on-site capabilities, attendees also have preferred access to pre credentialed, local medical specialists for same day office appointments.

When to Consider On Site Medical Support

IHP advises that the following programs deserve consideration for on site medical support:

  • Domestic meetings with 500+ attendees
  • International programs with 150+ attendees.
  • Remote locations with 911 response times greater than 15 minutes
  • Senior executive meetings (such as board meetings)

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The average response time for 911 is 10-15 minutes to reach a hotel or convention guest in a major U.S. urban area. And for international programs, that delay could be over 30 minutes.
According to the WHO, 2-4% of a domestic meeting group is ill on any given day and this jumps to 5%-10% for international travelers. These attendees are referred to as “Walking Wounded” and usually deem it too difficult or uncomfortable to seek medical attention. As such, they go untreated and planners are not notified.
Approximately 10-20% of your work force will suffer from influenza this year* *Source: Economic Analysis of Influenza Vaccine and Antiviral Treatment for Healthy Working Adults, Annals of Internal Medicine
IHP’s global network of credentialed and qualified physician specialty groups provides dedicated immediate care 24 hours a day seven days a week at your meeting site for all your attendees. Each attending physician is U.S. board certified in emergency medicine and prepared to treat all types of attendee-related illnesses.

How Could A Worksite Health Solution Improve Your Overall ROI?

InHouse Physicians’ innovative healthcare solutions reduces employer healthcare costs, drives employee productivity, and enhances your employee retention and recruitment efforts.

You could save up to 22% on healthcare costs with IHP’s worksite health programs. Learn more with a complimentary assessment, and begin saving today!
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