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About Us

InHouse Physicians was created in 1992 to meet an unmet need in the corporate meeting industry, namely, providing access to convenient, high-quality medical care for attendees with acute healthcare needs at corporate meetings and events. This service met our clients' Duty of Care and risk management requirements. However, what became clear is that the medical services rendered were for more than just medical emergencies and addressed many acute healthcare needs of employees away on business travel.

As InHouse Physicians gained more experience, we realized that these attendees were often remote sales representatives of our clients' workforce and did not have access to the Corporate Wellness services offered at headquarters. As such, we began delivering wellness services at these meetings to fill this gap. 

As time progressed, we introduced permanent worksite clinics at our clients' business locations to take care of all of their employees' healthcare needs throughout the year. 

Fast forward to today -and after managing the care of hundreds of thousands of employees, listening to their healthcare stories, and their challenges both at work and in their personal lives, it has become clear that the opportunity for InHouse Physicians to make an impact goes far beyond just supporting the health and wellness of these employees. 

Our overarching mission now is to ignite human potential in our clients' workforce by leveraging the science of human performance.  This goes well beyond Duty of Care and Health and Wellness by assisting every employee we touch in being the best versions of themselves. By doing so, we are driving employee engagement and fulfillment, improving productivity throughout the workforce, supporting a healthy work culture, and positively impacting the bottom line. 


Leadership Team


Dr. Jonathan Spero  - President, Founder, and CEO

"My core objective is to assist people in being the best versions of themselves. With every service we provide at InHouse Physicians, I ask myself one question -"Does this service support our commitment to Igniting Human Potential?" If it does, great. If not, then we must modify the service to do so or get rid of it."

Dr. Richard Arriviello - Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Richard Arriviello grew up in Southern New Jersey and graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Arriviello completed his residency at Midwestern University in Chicago, IL and is board certified in Emergency Medicine. He is licensed to practice medicine in over 20 states. He has worked for the past 25+ years in a variety of settings, ranging from level one trauma centers to regional community hospitals to multinational corporations. He has been the CMO for InHouse Physicians for over 15 years providing employee health services to some of the largest corporations in the world. Most recently he has spearheaded IHP's COVID return to work program for employers. 

Ann Jones - Director - Testing Division

“'You are capable of amazing things'. I am fortunate to work with a group of talented professionals that believe this and inspire others to believe it as well. Working towards a common goal, unlocking potential, finding solutions is the heart of what I bring our clients."

Christina DeJesus, MSN, RN, FNP  - Director of Clinical Operations and Innovations

The culture of IHP remains a catalyst to constantly innovate and try new things. I am grateful to be inspired by my colleagues to tackle the art of problem solving through a client centric and collaborative lens that drives me to find creative, customized, and science based health solutions to unlock the true potential of our partners all over the globe."

Patrick Gahagan - Vice President - Customer Development

"In the course of my career I’ve been a participant in hundreds of meetings.  I learned early on that to get maximum value from these events it was critical that I be healthy, fresh, and focused.  My passion is in working collaboratively with our partners to deliver total wellness solutions that ensure their meeting participants stay healthy, have the ability to maximize their potential throughout, and leave the event more energized than when they arrived."

Diane Eads - Controller

"My purpose for each and every day is to leave this world better than I found it. One way to do this is to help others be the best they can be. Because I touch all divisions of InHouse Physicians, I feel my natural role is as a facilitator to enhance communication across the entire company and support all IHP employees in delivering concierge care to our clients and our patients."

Karen Boyce-Layne - Worksite Operations Director

 "I don’t see my profession as a job.  I truly believe I was put on this earth to serve, and that desire is in my heart. I serve by ensuring that my team brings the best of customer service to our clients and the best quality of care to our patients. This helps me live my passion and never consider what I do 'work'."

Roberta Tabac - Director of Talent Acquisition

"I am a natural 'people lover' and thrive in my personal and professional life by building relationships. Connecting with healthcare professionals across the globe keeps me energized and effective as a Recruiter at InHouse Physicians."

Elizabeth Zrelak - Senior Account Manager - Meetings & Events

"Connecting with others, building community, providing outstanding care and service, and being authentic are most important to me and are the foundation of how our Meeting and Events Team operates.  Delivering exceptional support to our clients with integrity is our number one objective." 

Kelby Feenaughty - Senior Account Manager

"I am passionate about delivering high-quality services every day of the week. By bridging the gap between our clients and the worksite clinic staff and patients, I am able to realize significant healthcare cost savings for our clients while also providing our patient’s with impeccable care."

Emmerson Yaxte - Talent Development and Training Manager

"Wherever I go, I must have meaning and purpose in my work. InHouse Physicians feeds that purpose by empowering me to train, develop, and uplift talented staff. Participating in the growth of others and watching them reach their full potential gives me great satisfaction, and at IHP I get to do that every day."